We Create the Best Undetected Runescape Bots

Our Bots

An incredibly diverse selection of RS scripts that will leave you desiring nothing else. We are always adding new scripts and fixing breaks as they get patched. Everything is free what are you waiting for?

Always Updated

We update our runescape bots often on a daily basis. We perform safety and compatibility tests on our software every day and will notify you when a download is required. We use our bots on our personal accounts!

Contact Us

If you are hesitating to download our package then please contact us. We also accept feature suggestions, script submissions and are happy to respond to any other question or concern you could think of!

The very best Runescape Bots created by our software developers and our partners. We are a team of professional game developers who love to play games and hate to see people pay for software that should be available free for everyone! The only thing we ask for in return is to report any bugs or incompatibility issues you encounter with our software. We generally test our software that we create daily and bring in additional scripts and tools from external sources. I’m sure you – along with everybody else – has had a very difficult time finding undetected working RS Bots for free since the bot nuke. If you want to give our software a try just look at our Downloads Page.

A compiled feature list:

  • Updated working collection of automated scripts:
    • AutoMiner – this script will go out and mine any type that is currently in the game. We are constantly updating this script due to its popularity.
    • Fletcher – Get all of your fletching done with the click of a button!
    • Agility – Raise your agility skill quickly and easily.
    • Plank Script – We have a better success rate than any other offered on the internet.
    • Miner – This script will mine for you in the background.
    • Smelter – Make smelting painless!
    • Burner – Easy to use.
    • Rune Crafter – Raise your skill effortlessly.
    • Chopping – Get all the wood you could possibly need while doing something else! It even visits the bank!
    • Cook – Get our script to cook for you!
    • Auto Fisher – Another one of our most popular scripts that we offer. This is always kept updated to ensure all locations are supported.
    • Flax & Spinner – Efficient flax script that spins it for you completely automatically.
    • And many, many more… All Free!
  • Our download package also includes a number of other free helpful tools and add-ons you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Updated regularly to ensure compatibility with the newest live version of the game.
  • Tested with the newest client version to ensure all files are undetected by Jagex and their anti-detection system.
  • Tested and guaranteed to be free of malicious code and software.


Please let us know what you think of the download including (but not limited to) compatibility, features and safety. We try our absolute very best to dedicate countless hours every day to maintain the full functionality of the features and tools offered by the software. You are not only helping us out but also assisting all other users that make use of it.